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virginia, our clergy is our grief counselors. we have, you know, these are tough people and they do it all. i don't know how to explain it. it's so different. the people, they're solid and they're coming together and they understand the depths of this. and family members, i told the family members, i said i know there's no use to tell you this, if you can go home and get some rest, i know they won't but if you need to change your clothes or whatever, you have a lot of information now until we get the first hole through to know what conditions we're dealing with and knowing that the rescue teams can go in or how quickly. so you're looking at maybe 12 plus hours for that. >> are any of the miners who got out still in the hospital? >> two. one in beckly and one in charleston. >> no one has briefed him yet. not that i know of. the only debriefing that's going on and the way that the four miners were identified is local rescuers who knew them. and people said, how come you haven't identified the other 14? there was a total of 18 unidentified. you identified four, why not the other 14? we had
of the hour, we have another fox news alert for you. they are hoping for the very, very best in west virginia this morning where four miners are still missing. crews are drilling bore holes in the mountain trying to ventilate it. get the noxious gases out, holding out hope that four guys are still alive much at least 25 are dead. steve centanni is live in west virginia with the latest. it's a race against time. i understand they have four days worth of oxygen down there and they want to get the bore holes in within the next day. >> that's right. we expect to see some progress on that today. they're drilling the bore holes in a very rough terrain on the side of a mountain really where they had to go in with bulldozers and make a road to make a flat -- platform where they could put the drill rig and drop it down 1100 feet into solid earth way deep into the mine where the miners are trapped. now, we don't know if any of those four unaccounted for are still alive. that's the big question mark. that's where they're dropping the ventilation shafts to clear the air so the crews can go in there. we
safety today in the wake of the deadly explosion in west virginia. congress is going to decide whether safety laws need to be strengthened. noticeably absent today, anyone from massey energy, the company that owns the upper big branch mine where 29d miners were killed. well, that huge oil leak from the deadly explosion off an off-shore oil rig covers a whopping 1800 square miles. take a look at this photo from nasa. and you can see the oil spreading through the gulf of mexico. crews are using robotic subs trying to cut off an estimated 42,000 gallons escaping below the surface per day. communities picking up the pieces after more than 50 tornadoes tore across the country this weekend. check out this amateur video of a tornado in yazoo city, mississippi. cleanup under way there after 17 counties affected. close to 1,000 homes destroyed by the homes. volunteers across the state and alabama helping with recovery efforts and debris removal. a new york family is opening up about their heartbreak after their son is killed in afghanistan. army ranger jason santora was killed friday as he hero
virginia mine where 29 workers were killed not long ago. three of the mines were evacuated after surprise inspections turned up safety violations. during hearings yesterday, federal officials said they'll go to court to shut down the mines that ignore the safety of their workers. osama bin laden surprised according to one of his former associates that the terror leader had no idea america would retaliate so strongly after september 11th. he never expected the world trade towers to fall so he really didn't plan for the massive response we launched. actually, his son's book says a very similar thing. gretche gretchen? >> the florida governor expected to announce tomorrow he's going to run for the u.s. senate he's finally going to say it as an independent. polls say he could lose the primaries to marco rubio but in the general election, he would beat rubio and the likely democrat nominee. he has alienated conservative republicans, some say, for supporting the stimulus. >> splitting the ticket. meanwhile, teachers in new jersey will wind up teaching today. it was a much different scene yeste
on this tuesday. president obama will deliver the eulogy for the 29 miners killed in west virginia. he and vice president joe biden will attend this weekend's memorial service out in west virginia. the explosion was the country's worst mining accident in four decades. toyota now recalling all 2010 lexus g.x. 460 vehicles. the car company is updating software in the stability control system in all of the 34,000 that they produced. the fix is supposed to prevent rollovers. "consumer reports" raised warnings about the problem just last week and issued a rare "do not buy this vehicle" warning. over to you. >> thank you so much, steve. he's a 25-year-old construction veteran -- not 25 years old actually. he's been in the construction business for 25 years. he was overseeing massive multimillion dollar projects in new york city. his new mission is working with much smaller clients on a new reality show. take a look. >> now, we use our expertise to help the little guys. small businesses about to go under because of bad contractors and botched construction. we start with demolition and in just four da
to the memorial service for the miners that died a couple of weeks ago in west virginia and he also paid a last minute visit to billy graham. this timing was incredibly important because as you recall last week, we were discussing how franklin graham, the son of billy graham was suddenly not allowed to speak on the national day of prayer coming up. he was disinvited by the army and the pentagon by some remarks he had made post 9/11 about the religion of islam. we have the president meeting with his father. >> created by franklin. >> one of the reporters asked, i think bill burton before the visit, isn't that going to be kind of weird with franklin graham there having been disinvited by the pentagon talking to the president? and i think bill burton's answer was, well, we'll see. the understatement of the year. apparently, no shabbiness has been released to the public. billy graham did release this visit on the president's trip down there. he said i'm pleased to have president obama in my home this afternoon. he requested a meeting since he was spending the weekend in nearby asheville. my son fra
states all the way from just south of pennsylvania through much of west virginia and virginia down through florida and back through -- as you can see, the peidmont area. widely scattered showers across the central plains and ought west as well. we have a lot of 40's in the northern plains. it's freezing right now in caribou, maine. we have 50's up and down the eastern seaboard. then it picks up in the 60's. right now, 68 in tampa. later on today, it's going to warm up a lot through portions of texas, they'll be in the 80's, approaching 90's in some spots. 60's throughout the northeast with the exception of new england which is going to cling to the 50's. 67 today in raleigh. it's going to be 79 beautiful degrees in memphis and 72 in kansas city. and you're currently up to date in kansas city and with the weather and now it's time for the sports. >> all right, nba playoffs continue last night. one of the most intriguing matchups, the lakers playing the oklahoma thunder. they're a good team now, real talented team, maybe tomorrow's team. see how it went. with time running down, laker
of the hour. this is a fox news alert. we know you want to know about this. rescue crews enter a west virginia coal mine to search for four missing miners. toxic gases cleared up enough this morning to start the operation. monday's explosion killed 25 at the upper big branch mine in west virginia. >> at 4:55 this morning, we had four crews go in. 32 of our brave rescuers are in the mines right now. they are advancing. >> that's the governor that's been there around the clock. rescue plan involves six different teams venturing five miles into the mine where officials hope the missing miners made it to a refuge chamber. in these refuge chambers, they had four days worth of oxygen. officials add that hope of finding survivors right now is low. >> ok. to war now. taliban releases the video of a man identified as an american soldier captured last june and in the video, the private first class soldier says he wants to return to his family in idaho. it is the first time he's been seen since the taliban released a video of him on christmas. there's no way to know if he's alive. he's seen there with
much today marks the third anniversary of the virginia tech shooting. classes are canceled at the school so they can take part of the memorial event. there will be a candlelight vigil and other services. 32 people were killed by the gunman before he killed himself. next month, the last wounded survivor still at virginia tech will graduate. lots of confusion after the head of russia's foreign ministry announces all adoptions by american families are now suspended. it got more confusing after russia's education ministry claimed it had no knowledge of a freeze. the state department at one point announced adoptions were still on until then they recanted saying they were awaiting clarification. >> oh. >> next week, they'll send a high level delegation to moscow to discuss the controversy and a possible agreement. so why did all this happen? because, as you recall, last week, that tennessee mom sent her 7-year-old adopted son back to russia alone on an airplane with a note saying he had allegedly threatened her family and she didn't want him anymore. those are your headlines. >>
mean bootyism as opposed to buddhism. >> our slogan comes from linda in virginia. she didn't rent a plane. she sent it in. up in the morning, sound the alarm. turn on "fox & friends" for a bit of morning charm. sweet! >> cue the rooster. >> good morning, everyone. special shoutout to the hair and make-up people here at fox who are a plus, the best. they got me ready in lickety split this morning. had a little sna few getting here. >> a lot of trouble on the roads. gretchen made it to beat the odds. >> here we are, to talk about that big story. >> another reason why we need jet packs. >> wouldn't that be great? >> i'm having trouble on the road. i'm using my jet pack. i'm probably going to need a blow dryer when i come in. >> but we have inclement weather. speaking about up in the sky, we've been talking about this story in the last couple of days. what happened on that flight bound from washington national airport to the great city of denver? as it turns out, there was a diplomat from the country of qatar, as you know, on board and apparently, he lit a pipe in the bathroom and
virginia today to begin trying to figure out what caused the deadly blast of the upper branch mine a week ago. 29 were killed. authorities say high levels of methane gas inside the mine may have played a role in this disaster. high gas readings now have even forced crews to start recovering bodies as they drill another hole to vent the mine. more vigils were held yesterday for those who perished in the worst mining disaster since 1970. chilling new details about an alleged plot to blow up new york city subways. "the new york daily news" says a fourth suspect was arrested in pakistan. the group led by the ringleader planned to blow up four trains at two of new york's busiest stations, grand central and times square in the middle of rush hour last september. zazi is reportedly cooperating with investigators. the plan was aborted when he realized the feds were on him. secretary of state hillary clinton is among those paying tribute to the polish leader killed in the plane crash in russia. mrs. clinton signed a book of condolence at the polish embassy in washington. this comes as pols around
. >> his trial will take place in norfolk, virginia, in may. but he's over in iraq now testifying on behalf of the other two navy seals. they are charged with covering up for him. is that correct? >> that is correct. yeah, the two trials come actually today for the petty officers and matthew mccabe is over there testifying on their behalf. >> so where do you see this whole thing going? because i know that last week, some of the charges were dropped against these navy seals. but the major charges still exist. what kind of message does this send to the u.s. military? >> well, first of all, i'll say it again. i'm confident these men are innocent and that i believe that it will fall apart and they'll be found innocent. it sends a horrible message, again, to our troops as well as our enemies that all they had to do is accuse our folks of beating them and you have three of our top warriors taking off the battlefield just for somebody accusing them of punching them. >> you're a former navy seal. it's tough out there, isn't it? i mean, these guys want to kill you, right? >> absolutely. seals ar
in norfolk, virginia. but there's been a big outcry about this because the main thing is what does this do to the morale of the navy seals as they continue to go out and try to arrest terrorists if they think they're going to be thrown in the slammer because of the way in which they arrest or because of the stories that the alleged terrorist makes up after the arrest, it's going to change their tactics on the ground. >> ok, so that's breaking news. also a little later on this morning, the president of the united states is going to go down to coopers union here in new york city, in manhattan and he's essentially going to put wall street on notice. we have received some of the points from the white house he's going to make five key proposals. first, he's going to come up with a system to ensure that the financial system, the broader economy and the american taxpayers are protected in the event that a large firm begins to fail. he's going to talk about a rule that sets limits on the size of banks. he's going to talk about reforms that will bring new transparency to many financial markets. st
the commonwealth of virginia down through florida back across the dixieland and up through ohio as well. temperatures in the 60's in the northern plains. also in new england. 62 today in los angeles. 62 in los angeles. also known as hollywood and now we have some news from tinseltown. >> we do. you'll know the face of this actor as you see him. actor neil mcdonough, he was the husband of nicolette sheridan, he played a kooky character. i still liked him. he was weird, though. the one thing you never saw him do was have a sex scene, any romantic interlude for the most part with nicolette sheridan. we're finding out why. >> he's allegedly been replaced by david james elliott because he does not want to engage in sex scenes on the show. apparently, he has a history of bowing out of those types of scenes in the past and he's apparently roman catholic and he's taking a principled position on that and he's losing probably a lot of big bucks. >> yeah. i read one estimate the guy could be missing out on a million dollar pay day simply because he's standing up for his principles. as peter sai
personal study. i got to ask -- >> midnight we go. >> former governor of virginia tim cane is in charge of getting democrats elected and making the midterm elections a positive for the dems and he says that unlike the democratic party, unlike the republican party, we don't have a civil war going on. they're united. here is the quote. "the level of extreme rhetoric emanating from party leaders often as part of a cynical strategy to manipulate people, hurting in tough times is creating internal civil war within the g.o.p. and increasing striking a negative chord with the american voters who are fundamentally optimistic about the nation." what polls are the governor looking at? >> yeah, that's my question. and let me talk a second about this whole idea of internal warfare and strife in the g.o.p. and the conservative movement. in fact, it's a very healthy thing that we have a tea party movement, that we have republicans who can disagree with each other openly on the direction of this country, and it makes it a healthier party. and what you have on the left, basically, thanks to chicago st
and massey energy, the owner of the west virginia mine where 29 workers were killed is now offering each family a $3 million settlement. >> how is this for irony? the united nations, the u.n., electing iran now to the commission on the status of women? it's dedicated to gender equality and advancement of women. seems strange since in iran, stoning women still considered ok. lashings required for women judged immodest, iranian women can't choose their own husbands and just last week, an iranian cleric said women who wear revealing clothes cause earthquakes. >> ambassador has to show outrage on that immediately. meanwhile, a religious watchdog group wants the emblem for an army hospital in colorado removed. they say the cross and religious motto that says "for god and humanity" violate the constitution. a top commander says references to doctors serving god and humanity date back to ancient greece. that's the counterargument. >> oh, man. meanwhile, the f.d.a. has approved the first ever vaccine to treat cancer. it's called provenge and used to treat prostrate cancer right now. studies sh
virginia, maine and maryland, so that's not a -- it's not a happy number that we're reporting on today. >> right, here's another story unrelated to taxes but related to the war on terror. he is probably one of the most wanted terrorists out there today. he's american born. he's a cleric who had direct contact with at least two of the hijackers when he was over in san diego. and also, was a spiritual resource for major hasan who killed all those people at fort hood and is paralyzed at this time awaiting charges on murder, now he is over in yemen gathering and growing more al-qaida members and functioning as their spiritual leader. we want to kill him but first, we scold him? >> yeah, by the way, yemen says he's not a terrorist. they're not going to help us in trying to find him and prosecute him at all. did you say he was american born? because apparently, he considers himself foreign born when it came to ripping off you, the taxpayer to go to college, here in america. $20,000 he ripped off from you to get the special funding. he checked the box for foreign born. where did he end up? a
mine explosion in west virginia. governor joe manchin says this probe will focus on what action should be taken to prevent such explosions in the future. we're learning a computer error failed to warn the mine company about safety violations and to improve the conditions in 90 days. officials say the errors did not play a role in the accident but something they need to fix. 29 mine workers died in that explosion. >> a second hearing in the case of the christmas day underwear bomber. hundreds of documents being shared between federal prosecutors and defense lawyers. he wasn't in court and there was no discussion of his cooperation with the investigators. he's accused of trying to detonate a bomb hidden in his underwear on a flight from amsterdam to detroit. brian? >> an aide to former congressman eric massa has filed a sexual harassment complaint to him much the new york democrat groped him and propositioned him, the aide says. "the washington post" says massa's male staff was complaining about his sexual overtures within three months of his arrival in washington. it says even his chi
, today is april 5th. back today in 1614, pocahontas married john ross in virginia. george washington casted the first veto in presidential history killing a bill that would reapportion seats in the house of reps. the number one song in america was "blue moon." allergies? chlor-trimeton. hey, one dose of this, six hour relief. chlor-trimeton relieves itchy, watery eyes and sneezing for 12 full hours with less drowsiness than benadryl. it does all that? chlor-trimeton. less drowsy relief that lasts 12 hours. at world record speed. i'm luke myers. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) >> answer to the trivia question of the day, peter king, the winner is kevin in louisiana. congratulations to all. >> each year in the united states over 1.6 million teens run away from home. thousands of them will be exploited or even killed. one man has made it his mission to find them before that happens. >> guess what? they're here. it's a new real life series called "rescue squad". it follows his team as they track and resc
a preliminary report of what caused west virginia's mine disaster. the governor is calling for inspection of all mines. and he wants them to stop tomorrow to mourn the victims. >> the teacher who allegedly wrote the word loser on a boy's arm has resigned two days before she was scheduled to attend a disciplinary hearing according to "the columbus dispatch." amy butterfield said the 8-year-old found the joke funny when she wrote the word loser on his arm with an orange marker but the family disagrees. >> i can't believe anything like that would actually go on the side of school. that could scar him for life. that's nothing that you want to see happen to any child. >> the teacher says she made an unfortunate error in judgment and that she had a good relationship with the boy. brian? >> all right, ash clouds from a volcanic eruption in iceland are forcing flights to be canceled across europe. europe's busiest airport, london's heathrow is only accepting emergency flights. this is the second time in less than a month that a volcano has erupted. about 800 residents have been evacuated. the earth see
jersey and then they had the election down in virginia and then scott brown in massachusetts, do you think the people of the united states have had it about up to here with the status quo and they want to shake up the genie bottle. >> listen, i know that's what's happening in new jersey. i can feel it there. i'm there every day and folks are really angry. they're angry -- >> our taxes are too high. >> taxes are too high and spending is much too much at the governmental level. people want more of their own money back to decide for themselves. they feel insecure. and they feel like the government is ignoring them so in new jersey what we've been trying to do is cut spending so we can cut taxes and return more money to folks. >> it's been very unpopular. you know that it's been very unpopular with a lot of the unions and a lot of the status quo. >> everybody has to come to the table and sacrifice. >> sometimes do you feel like you need a food tester? >> no. i feel fine. you know, overall majority of people in new jersey, i think, really like what we're doing and support it and for th
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